Tohoku University

Tohoku University

With a rich history of innovation, Tohoku University has consistently ranked among Japan's top academic institutions for over a century. Tohoku University has been recognized for its research achievements and contributions and from 2020 onwards has proudly held the top spot in the Times Higher Education's Japan University Rankings.
Tohoku University is a powerhouse in various science and engineering fields, such as materials science, physics, and aerospace engineering where it continues to spearhead advancements. However, as a comprehensive research university, it offers a wide range of academic disciplines, including law, economics, information science, life sciences, and more.
Emphasizing its commitment to both local and global communities, Tohoku University actively promotes academic-industry-government cooperation to strengthen existing research areas and foster the development of new ones. By studying at Tohoku University, students can not only benefit from its academic prowess but also contribute to the growth and advancement of society.
Join us at Tohoku University and be part of a vibrant academic community that values excellence, collaboration, and the pursuit of knowledge.

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