Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Tech has the longest history among science and technology universities in Japan and has been continuously generating innovation for over 140 years.
Tokyo Tech's three campuses - two in Tokyo, and one in adjacent Yokohama - provide a comfortable setting for a truly unique study experience. We have degree programs in English at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP) is a transdisciplinary Bachelor of Engineering program, while the International Graduate Programs (IGP) cater to those hoping to pursue more advanced science or engineering degrees in Japan. Various scholarships are available.
Our Institute allows all students to experience the pleasures of research from an early stage. Findings from research institutes such as ELSI are fed back into curricula, and as laboratory members, students are in close contact with the world's top researchers. Its hands-on approach is reflected in graduate employability rankings, in which Tokyo Tech consistently excels.





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